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James Sang Lee, Instructor

James Sang Lee - The Stuntman/Fight Choreographer was born in Madison, Wisconsin on June 12, 1971. The Chinese/American had been a performer all his life involved in music, the arts, and in sports. Although a student of the American Academy of Music, his first love was martial arts. Lee's background in classical piano and violin was overshadowed greatly by his championship training from martial art masters Wei Kong Koo and Sang Kee Paik. Lee went on to win 3 ISKA World Championships in a row on ESPN and multiple national martial arts championships in the '90's. His discovery in 1993 by Producers Doug Schwartz and Michael Berke of Baywatch and wrestling star Hulk Hogan led to his notoriety as a film and television villain.

The long time security specialist has worked as Head of Security for over 1000 concerts and special events and has been a bodyguard to numerous celebrities. His skills have appeared on numerous films as a stunt man, hand to hand combat instructor, and weapons consultant for films like Lethal Weapon 4 and Blade as well as documentaries for the Discovery Channel.

Currently now a member of the Kahana Stunt Team and Stunt Action Coordinators Lee is best known for stunts, character villains, and fight choreography in particular in the area of martial art weaponry and firearms.

As an instructor and avid firearms enthusiast holding numerous firearms ratings James's interest extends to sharing firearms training and personal protection skills to everyone interested in matters of self defense.

Bill Van Epps, Instructor

Bill’s firearms training started in the US Army after graduating from high school, where he earned expert ratings with the M-1 rifle, 1911 .45 pistol and M-2 30 cal. carbine. He shot competitively with the Ryukyu Army Corps Pistol Team while stationed in Okinawa and was selected as a first team alternate his first year at the age of 18.

Bill is a former New York State Trooper who served primarily the Western NY area during his State Police career. During that time Bill was a Senior Firearms Instructor with the NYSP and was tasked with training and qualifying in service members of the Division of State Police in the proficient use of State Police weapons and tactics. Bill also assisted at the State Police Academy in Albany NY as an academy staff member in the training of new recruits for the Division of State Police and still found time to return to college where he earned an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. His State Police training included revolver, shotgun, rifle and sniper training, defensive tactics, riot and crowd control and the use of tactical tear gas equipment.

During his service with the State Police Bill was a competitive pistol shooter, a member of the New York State Police PBA Pistol Team and a charter member of the Falconer SP Pistol Team where he went undefeated for 2 seasons in the Western NY Police Pistol League. The New York State Police Pistol Team enjoyed the reputation of being one of the best teams in the nation during that time, having won a multitude of awards and having had a number of national champions within the team.

In recent years Bill has shot for recreation as a member of the Seminole County Gun and Archery Association, the Single Action Shooting Society and is a current Endowment Life Member of the National Rifle Association.

Bill’s interest in the shooting sports extends to involvement in the NRA instructor corps where he has become qualified in several disciplines and seeks to make firearms training and personal protection skills available to everyone who has an interest in firearms and personal protection.

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