Pistol Coach offers a variety of classes including Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, and more! 

Pistol Coach was founded to provide the latest in Self Defense strategies and training.  Classes and training are for those who desire to be prepared in the event they are ever in need of personal protection skills.  Courses are designed to help one overcome a threat to their safety or the safety of friends and loved ones.

Pistol Coach focuses on Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude by providing training according to the guidelines established by the National Rifle Association. Both Bill and James are certified by the NRA as Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home and will soon be certified as Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructors. In addition both Instructors are certified NRA Range Safety Officers and qualified to instruct in the safe and proper methods of reloading ammunition.

We encourage gun owners to join and help support the NRA by becoming new members to help preserve our gun rights. In today’s world the NRA is often the only voice that speaks for law abiding gun owners and stands between us and those who would take away our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. As staunch defenders of the 2 nd amendment the NRA has waged an ongoing battle to see that our constitutional rights are protected and preserved. There are approximately 80,000,000 gun owners in America and over 4,000,000 are members of the NRA.  We encourage Pistol Coach participants to join and help support the NRA today.

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Pistol Coach does not advocate taking the law into your own hands but we also recognize the need to be prepared with the knowledge, skills and attitude to effectively stand in your own defense or the defense of another when threatened with death or serious bodily harm.  Pistol Coach encourages proper self defense training as well as checking with local laws on matters of self defense and personal protection.