Pistol Coach provides knowledge, skills, and attitude
Pistol coach offers a variety of classes and courses that will prepare the average person for any threat to their person in their home or outside their home.
At Pistol Coach, our instructors offer training for anyone interested in personal protection and the instruction and expertise needed to become more than just an average law abiding gun owner.
About Us
Our classes and training are for all of those who find it necessary and advisable to be prepared in the event they are ever in need of personal protection skills.
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NOTE: Pistol Coach does not advocate taking the law into your own hands but we also recognize the need to be prepared with the knowledge, skills and attitude to effectively stand in your own defense or the defense of another when threatened with death or serious bodily harm.  Pistol Coach encourages proper self defense training as well as checking with local laws on matters of self defense and personal protection.

For more information or to inquire about course selection, contact us at FortressHillMA@gmail.com